This Is Probably The Scariest Hit-By-Pitch In Little League World Series History

  • Dan Fogarty

We just posted on massive Japanese Little League pitcher Kotaro Kiyomiya, the 13-year-old who’s 6 feet tall, weighs in at 206 pounds, and can throw 80 miles per hour (the major league equivalent of 104 MPH).

While we were in the process of writing that post, Kiyomia accidentally drilled Curacao’s Ceddanne Rafaela in the head with the equivalent of a 99-mile-per-hour pitch. The “pop” was audible.

However, Rafaela, one of the smallest players on the field, would show his toughness immediately. He got right back up after being drilled by the biggest kid on the field and took first base. Kiyomia obviously felt terrible (as most gigantic 13-year-olds do when they almost injure other kids with their freak gigantic-ness) and immediately apologized to Rafaela and Curacao’s manager. Sportsmanship!

Here’s video of the scary hit-by-pitch.