Bro On Bro Violence: Lax Fight Leads To Knockout

  • Evan Sporer

I don’t know much about the rules of an indoor lacrosse league. But, apparently, one of the rules is that players are allowed to fight. Must be to keep things interesting for the 17 fans in attendance.

And fights lead to something that transcends boundaries between sports: the knockout. And boy, did this guy ever get knocked out. A couple of signs to key you in to how bad this bro’s face was punched in: one, the guy who throws the punch just runs off to the penalty box right after he connects; two, the immediate call for help from the referees; three, the Jell-O legs on the KO’d bro when he tries to stand up. This was an absolutely brutal one. Time for this guy to stop dropping the gloves—period.

Just such a shame to see this kind of violence. I’m sure these bros could have sorted out whatever problems they had over a couple of Nattys and some reversible pinnies. Or they could have just had a good ol’-fashioned bro-down.

Bro Bible has video of a second fight, also, and some good commentary.