Lamar Odom Went Nuts On The Paparazzi Yesterday, And Then Instantly Cooled Down For A Photo With A Fan

  • Eric Goldschein

lamar odom freak outHere’s a lesson that the paparazzi might want to take to heart: Lamar Odom seems to have no problem with people asking politely for a photo and taking one with him. It’s when you stalk him around town and treat him like an animal in the zoo that he gets testy.

Without context, this video of Odom going into a paparazzo’s car and throwing his stuff into the street is perplexing. What made the NBA free agent so mad that he could be charged with vandalism today? No clue. That’s not even the worst of his tantrum, however:

He then walked across the street and smashed another photog’s car with a metal bar, then picked up all the gear from the street and put it in his trunk.

You mad, bro? Well, he was, until a lady jumped out of her car to snag a photo with him. Then he was, reportedly “REALLY nice and very welcoming.”

Here’s the video:

We would really love an explanation for what the hell happened here, if anybody can provide such a thing.

UPDATE: According to Gossip Center, the issue stemmed from paparazzi question’s about Odom’s alleged affair with some chick. New lesson: Don’t ask Lamar Odom about his alleged extra-marital activities.