Report: Lance Armstrong Apologizes To Livestrong Staff Before Today’s Interview With Oprah

  • Dylan Murphy

Over the weekend, reports came out that Lance Armstrong would admit to doping in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. The interview, which is scheduled to be aired on Thursday but taped today, was preempted by a brief Armstrong visit to Livestrong, the foundation from which he resigned in November. According to an anonymous source, Armstrong apologized and shed a few tears, but did not admit to doping outright.

Via the Associated Press:

“Stripped last year of his seven Tour de France titles because of doping charges, Armstrong addressed the staff Monday and said, ‘I’m sorry.’ The person said the disgraced cyclist choked up and several employees cried during the session.

The person also said Armstrong apologized for letting the staff down and putting Livestrong at risk but he did not make a direct confession to the group about using banned drugs. He said he would try to restore the foundation’s reputation, and urged the group to continue fighting for the charity’s mission of helping cancer patients and their families.”

Whether or not Armstrong comes clean with Oprah, it’s still pretty clear that he’s quite the sneaky and conniving guy:

“Armstrong still managed to slip away for a run Monday morning despite the crowds gathering outside his house. He returned home by cutting through a neighbor’s yard and hopping a fence.”

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