Lance Armstrong: It’s ‘Impossible’ To Win The Tour De France Without Doping

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Lance Armstrong Steroids Tour De France

There is a solid chance you don’t know this (even though we told you to watch!), but the Tour de France is currently happening. Which means Lance Armstrong is trying to get back in the headlines. As we demonstrated on Friday, he has succeeded. But the interview we pointed out deserves a bit more reflection, that odd interview, oddly with the French newspaper, Le Monde, that he has complained about in the past. Where he said that it was “impossible” to win the Tour de France without doping. Among other things.

This is not surprising or sensational, except that it came from Lance’s mouth. Also, he may have meant that not only was that the case when he raced, but it’s still the case.

Some subsequent media reports about Le Monde’s interview concluded that Armstrong was saying doping is still necessary now, rather than when he was winning the Tour from 1999-2005. That suggestion provoked dismay from current riders, race organizers and the sport’s governing body, the International Cycling Union or UCI.

Again, not sensational. But the president of the International Cycling Union is not very happy. He’s sad.

“I can tell him categorically that he is wrong. His comments do absolutely nothing to help cycling,” McQuaid said in a statement. “The culture within cycling has changed since the Armstrong era and it is now possible to race and win clean.”

That might be true, and it might be false.

Among other insights gained: Armstrong still considers himself the Tour’s record holder (nice, bro!) and he called Le Monde “the camp of shit,” or something similar, and he thought they’d tell him to “fuck off” when he asked if they wanted the interview. For that, and more, Google Translate this ish.

Oh, yeah: The irony of Lance Armstrong calling a sporting achievement “impossible” for a disadvantaged person is too much to handle. Cycling, everyone.

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