Remember: Not Every Top Pick Of The Last 20 Years Has Panned Out — Some Of Them Are This Guy

  • Eric Goldschein

the candy man

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1. How the top picks of the last 20 years have panned out.

Some are LeBron. Some are not. [reddit]

2. The Nets want KG and Paul Pierce.

Can they handle the Truth? (And KG.) [Yahoo!]

3. The NFL 100 is pretty flawed.

As Bill Barnwell explains. [Grantland]

4. The Boston bomber gets 30 counts.

Good riddance. [ABC News]

Not sports related, still important.

U.S. employer held captive in China; David Chase’s eulogy for Gandolfini; Will.I.Am suing Pharrell for some dumbass reason; AMA with Weird Al.

And finally, tonight…

Playing in Germany changes your height.