Lauren Tannehill Appears To Be The World’s Best Wife (And The Internet Creeps Know It)

  • Eric Goldschein

lauren tannehillLauren Tannehill is the wife of Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill. We got a good glimpse of the happy couple during last year’s “Hard Knocks”, and by far our biggest takeaway from those episodes was: “Damn, Lauren Tannehill is a babe.”

One year later, we can confirm that Mrs. Tannehill continues to be a babe. We can also report that based on her Instagram photos, she’s the world’s best wife. She appears to do everything (and looks good while doing it), from cooking to snorkeling to firing a .357 revolver. Who wants to bet she has better aim than Ryan?

We went through some of the best, most active photos of Lauren from this past offseason, and realized we weren’t the only ones who thought she was pretty cool. So, as is our wont, we have included the creepiest comments left by her “fans” on each photo. Enjoy.


Photos via @laurentannehill, fishing photo via @rtannehill17

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