LaVar Ball Picks Biggest Fight Yet With Nike Executive

LaVar Ball Picks Biggest Fight Yet With Nike Executive
  • Dan Russo

After Lonzo Ball’s UCLA team took an early bow from the NCAA tournament, the star’s father LaVar Ball pretty much went radio silent.

That is until he decided to pick his most recent and possibly biggest fight yet with none other than Nike. LaVar said hat his Big Baller Brand would soon be the sports apparel and equipment juggernaut’s competitor.

LaVar wasn’t unprovoked, however. The global marketing officer for Nike insulted the basketball father by saying he was the worst thing to happen to the sport in the last century, according to the New York Post.

LaVar has been quite the sideshow attraction along his son’s rise to college basketball stardom at UCLA. You could have chalked up the incessant boasting of his sons being the best basketball players to ever touch the hardwood to fatherly pride.

But when LaVar went out on the very narrow limb of saying he would kill Michael Jordan in a one-on-one game, that’s when he pretty much lost all credibility.

News alert: talking trash to one of the biggest sports companies in the world isn’t helping your case any, LaVar.

Let’s give the proud father credit where it’s due though, LaVar isn’t afraid to take on the best of the best. Let’s hope it doesn’t backfire by putting added pressure on Lonzo’s impending draft into the NBA.