Lee Westwood Swings And Misses At Players Championship, Doesn’t Pretend It Was Just Another Practice Swing

  • Jake O'Donnell

Lee Westwood, who found himself pinned up against a tree trying to salvage par after pulling his drive off the tee, is better than this. In his defense, he actually hit the tree somewhere during his backswing, which is the golf equivalent of getting hacked on the arm during a jump shot. That being said, he’s got to do a better job of playing it off as just another practice swing like the rest of us do when this happens.

Notice how everybody immediately looks toward the green after he swings, like when you pretend to throw something to your dog. Not that you’d expect much from the people standing mere feet away from a golfer dramatically modifying his swing due to foreign obstructions. Please, give him some room and just wait to see the lowlights on Sportsgrid.

We promise, we’ll get it up as soon as it happens.

H/T Deadspin