LFL Player Does League A Great Disservice By Dropping It Like It Was Hot On Opponent’s Head After Basic Tackle

  • Eric Goldschein

The Legends Football League wants people to take it seriously. “Just because we’re in our underwear doesn’t mean we’re not athletes!” some of the league’s players like to say. And you know what? That’s true. But please understand: It’s confusing.

It’s confusing because for every truly athletic/physical/awesome highlight the LFL gives us, there is an equal and opposite reaction in the form of, say, celebrating a basic tackle by shaking your booty on top of somebody’s head:

I’m not normally one for prudishness, but… come on, Ogom Chijindu. Rubbing your ass on the chick’s head? When she gained yardage? In the first quarter? Come on.

LFL, you can’t have it both ways. It’s either got to be a league that specializes in showing women in their underwear, or… whatever it is that you’re going for. It will be hard to take you seriously either way, but at least the message will be consistent.

[Bob’s Blitz]