Lil Wayne Is Trying To Start Beef With The Oklahoma City Thunder For Some Reason

  • Eric Goldschein

Rapper Lil Wayne aka Lil Tunechi aka Lil Tuna Fish Sandwich blew up Twitter a lil’ bit with a tweet contending that he was turned away from tonight’s Oklahoma City Thunder game by “the team.” He left out the part of the story where he didn’t have a ticket to the game. What is the meaning of this beef-starting, Weezy F. Baby?

Here’s the tweet, which came a couple of hours before the Thunder and Spurs tipped off Game 3:

That got people thinking — why would Thunder security turn Birdman Jr. away? Possible theories included an issue with James Harden’s rapper girlfriend Trina, and the fact that he’s a front runner and nobody has any idea what team he actually likes. And was there something like a stadium-wide APB out for him? (“Be on the lookout for, uh, this guy.“)

Then, that bastion of celebrity truth rumors TMZ reported what sounds like a more believable reason for Young Weezy not being allowed to watch Tim Duncan dunk in person:

But a rep for the OKC Thunder tells TMZ … “We did not deny him,” adding, “His representatives contacted us about tickets and we told them we are completely sold out.”

The rep says the team has no beef with the ‘Lil one.

[UPDATE: Turns out, part of the rapper’s issue with getting a ticket to the game was that he insisted on sitting in the front row. Nice.]

It must be hard for Small Wayne to understand that normal people need tickets to things like sporting events, but it’s the truth. And considering how popular the Thunder are in OKC, it’s no surprise that a last-minute request for a Western Conference Finals ticket was denied, even to the venerable Tiny Bitty Baby Weezy F. Martian.

So, Lil Wayne, we ask you, on behalf of sports fans everywhere: stop the beef before it starts. We don’t need another hip-hop feud. And have you heard about the OKC fans? They don’t play around.