Linda Cohn V. Hulk Hogan Is The Only Matchup We Ever Want To See

  • Eric Goldschein

cohn hoganHulk Hogan was on SportsCenter today touting the new WWE Network, which for $10 a month (or, as the marketing experts put it, $9.99) gives you access to all of WWE’s pay-per-view events, ever. That means all the new ones… and all the old ones. Seems like a pretty good deal.

But honestly, I have no idea whether WrestleMania XXX will be good or not. VICE tells me it’s bad, but I thought John Cena and Triple H (by the way, is he ever referred to as HHH?) were cool? Maybe not? Whatever. Just give me more of Linda Cohn excitedly reminiscing with everyone’s favorite wrestler-cum-porn star and I’ll be happy. Love Linda Cohn. Just love her.

Anyway, here: