Skier Lindsey Vonn Was Airlifted To A Hospital After A Nasty Crash And “Complex Knee Injury”

  • Glenn Davis

Lindsey Vonn’s run at the alpine skiing world championships in Austria took a disastrous turn when she was injured in a serious crash on the first day of competition, and had to be airlifted to a hospital. Footage of the crash is below:

At the beginning it didn’t look as bad as we initially feared when we heard phrases like “airlifted to hospital,” but clearly this was a serious accident – one that thankfully didn’t result in life-threatening injuries, but rather what the hospital treating her termed a “complex knee injury.” Needless to say, such an injury is bad for any athlete, but especially so for a skier who needs to expertly navigate tight twists and turns at high speeds. And just as needless to say, we hope she’s back on the slopes as quickly as possible.

Video of the crash and Vonn being airlifted below, via AOL.

Getty photo, by Clive Rose