Lionel Messi Sets Record With 86th Goal This Year

  • Joe Levine

With two goals in today’s match between Barcelona and Real Betis, Lionel Messi has broken a 39-year-old record previously believed to be untouchable and set a new mark for goals in one year with 86.

The previous record holder, Gerd Müller, set the previous mark of 85 with Bayern Munich and West Germany from 1972-73, helping contributed to Bayern winning the 1972 and 1973 Bundesliga titles and to West Germany winning Euro ’72.

Messi sets the new record not only with three matches left in December, but also just days removed from a knee injury sustained Wednesday.

Take a look at the play that now belongs to the ages:

Lionel Messi

Kudos to Messi for setting a mark that will hopefully last as long as the previous record.

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