Lionel Messi’s Neighbors Were Bothering Him, So He Bought Their House

  • Rick Chandler

It’s the plot you saw on about every third episode of Bonanza, but not so much in real life. So our story goes like this: Lionel Messi, whom I hear is some sort of soccer player of note, was being plagued by noisy neighbors in the exclusive suburb of Barcelona where he owns an estate. So he bought their house, and will combine it with his to make a super estate.

But Messi isn’t quite the megalomaniac Bond villain this makes him out to be. The people who owned the house next to his, in Castelldefels, Spain, were remodeling it, but ran out of money. So they asked Messi to buy it from them — and Messi refused.

So I guess this is more like a plot from I Love Lucy (I watch a lot of late-night TV, as you can see). The neighbors decided to make so much racket that Messi would have to buy them out. They rented out rooms in their house, and the renters made so much noise, and did so much snooping on Messi’s property, that they made themselves a complete nuisance.

Messi first responded the way you or I would — he had a giant dividing wall built between the two properties. But this violated certain zoning laws, and the neighbors threatened to sue.

So …

The situation had then started to escalate, and Messi risked himself being embroiled in a legal row he did not need and losing public standing. And so, finally the player yielded to his neighbours’ demands and by means of his legal representation struck an agreement with the owners to purchase the property and put an end to the row.

Story, and not-quite-pitch-perfect translation, from

After swooping the bordering property, now the Messi family has set sights on a third dwelling that sits at the corner, which in turn would mean enlarging even further Messi’s own estate in Castelldefels. Overall, they would represent just over two acres in one of Barcelona’s most exclusive suburbs, with at least three properties developed within the plots.

So now Messi is the owner of an enormous amount of expensive land, which seems to keep expanding, where he keeps his vast collection of golden treasures.

Maybe he is a Bond villain.

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