Is This The Worst Way Possible To Lose A Chance At The Little League World Series?

  • Glenn Davis

Little League World Series qualifying finished up over the weekend, and you know what that means: some groups of kids forming joyous mobs, and other groups of devastated kids in tears whom you feel bad for finding compelling but can’t turn away from! Well, one of the joyous mobs was made up of kid from Petaluma, California, who beat a squad from Nanakuli, Hawaii to win the right to represent the West region in Williamsport. The kids from Nanakuli, though, will probably be especially heartbroken… because not only did they lose, they lost in about the weirdest, controversial fashion possible.

Specifically, they lost on an appeal – an appeal of a play that had just scored them two runs, which brought them within one of Petaluma when Nanakuli was down to its final out. Petaluma third baseman Porter Slate, though, thought one of Nanakuli’s runners missed third on his way to scoring. Petaluma’s coach told the pitcher to appeal. He did. The runner was called out. Game over. The question: was the call correct? We dare you to watch the clip below and be sure of that:

Real close. Reeeeeeeal close. Like, close enough that we can’t imagine ourselves calling the kid out in the same situation. This, to us, falls firmly in the “if you make this call, you better be damn 100 percent certain it’s right,” and granted, the video quality’s not the greatest, but this video is pretty good, and if you can say with absolute certainty what happened from watching it, you’ve either got Ted-Williams-level eyesight or are lying. Canny stuff from the Californians, but man – that was close.

[Prep Rally]

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