Little Red Luging Hood Uploads Video Of Wolf-Beast Prowling Hallway At Olympic Village

  • Jake O'Donnell

The consensus is that the animal pictured in the 17 second clip is some sort of Siberian Husky mix, and not really a Eurasian wolf. However, upon researching the distinction between the two, our nature experts have suggested that a husky (or any domestic dog for that matter) can and do interbreed with wild wolves, so the mix might not be Labradoodle. Might not be “wolf,” either, but it’s terrifying either way to think that animals without thumbs can get into athlete housing. Definitely doesn’t say much for the crack Sochi security team.

Either way, Kate Hansen, don’t touch it, feed it, let it into your room, or believe it when it claims to be your grandmother until you have confirmation it’s not the kind that killed Liam Neesons in “The Grey” (Bruce Willies woulda handled that).

Can you tell the difference?


H/T Deadspin