Hey, Liverpool Staff: You Can’t Say The Following Slurs, Ever

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Paula Deen Crying RacistLast year, Liverpool striker Luis Suárez was (rightly) criticized for racial abuse of Patrice Evra, and Liverpool was (rightly) criticized for handling the situation poorly.

This year, Liverpool is trying to get their act together, and they’ve issued a list of banned words for employees. It comes from the right place, but it’s a bit odd.

So, what are the words?

Liverpool Staff Banned Words

Welp, no complaints there. It’s a bit sad that this needs to be done, but I suppose it’s a good thing that it’s happening.

The guide, part of a wider education programme run by the club, details terms that employees should deem offensive under the headings of race/religion, sexual orientation, gender and disability. Most are self-explanatory and the guide advises that it is “important to understand the context of what’s being said”, as in the use, under gender for example, of “princess” or “don’t be a woman” on the Anfield terraces next season.

Liverpool’s list of what is “usually offensive and the club considers unacceptable” has been given to all full-time and casual members of staff who have contact with the public on matchdays or on a daily basis…

The guide has not been issued to Liverpool players because they, along with players at all Premier League and Football League clubs, receive separate guidance from the Football Association.

Sadly, the guide hasn’t been issued to ESPN, either.

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