Lolo Jones Was Part Of The Only U.S. Women’s Duo Not To Medal In Bobsled; Almost Crashed

  • Eric Goldschein

This should do wonders for Lolo Jones’ profile as an Olympic athlete: Just hours after she was criticized by a U.S. men’s bobsledder for having a “bad attitude” and not being as good as other possible Olympic candidates left off the team, Jones and teammate Jazmine Fenlator finished in 11th place. The two other U.S. teams finished in second and third, good for silver and bronze, as per usual.

Jones and Fenlator were 1.84 seconds off the pace after their first two runs yesterday, and did nothing to improve their standing today. Whether or not the finish was Jones’ fault is debatable (and considering she’s not the pilot, the onus should probably fall more to her teammate), but she nearly crashed the sled when she forgot to hit the brakes after finishing the third run (GIF via BI Sports):

This could have been a disaster, but Fenlator managed to get Jones’ attention in time. Regardless of the results, it’s not a good look when you’re trying to convince people you belong at the Games.

Cue the shitstorm of hatred for Jones, who gets the marketing dollars and headlines (see above) but not the medals. That will come even though this is also the first Winter Games for Fenlator, who blamed herself for her team’s poor first runs.

The final standings. Jones is part of USA-3: