Must Watch: 35,000 Runners At London Marathon Honor Victims Of Boston Marathon With Moment Of Silence Before Start (VIDEO)

  • Jake O'Donnell

The fraternity of distance runners is a deeply personal, eclectic/global mix of individuals who understand pain. Collectively, they share the experience of training for (and actually running) marathons, whereby they endure excruciating physical and psychological duress, forging a profound, transcendental bond between complete strangers simply on the basis of a mutual understanding of human suffering.

In fact, marathons themselves stand in direct contrast to the cowardice of terrorism. That’s why it’s no wonder that the 2013 London Marathon included an intense, zen-like moment of silence for the victims involved in the Boston Marathon, at the starting line. These people find inhuman strength in the face of extreme adversity — which serves as a testament to the better aspects of humanity, as well as a model for those recovering from the terror attacks of last Monday.

Watch the faces of these people. Truly intense. I wouldn’t be surprised if spoons all over the world just started bending out of nowhere.

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