Looks Like We’re Going All In On This Whole “Dennis Rodman: North Korean Liasion” Thing

  • Eric Goldschein

For lack of any better ideas, it seems the FBI is embracing Dennis Rodman as some sort of court jester who can potentially gather some clues for them on a return trip to North Korea. Some outlets are calling him an “FBI informant,” but informants are usually reliable sources who have some clear understanding of the situation they are getting into. It’s not a stretch to say Rodman satisfies none of those requirements.

This newest chapter in the Rodman-North Korea saga began as all good stories do: at a party hosted by a Real Housewife of Miami. Rodman appeared at the gala and spoke to a Miami Herald reporter on his new relationship with the Federal Bureau of Investigation:

“I have been contacted by the FBI and I met with them. They wanted to know what went on and who’s really in charge in North Korea. I have been invited back to North Korea in August and I want to go.”

At first, the White House and other officials seemed displeased, if not disinterested, with Rodman’s visit, calling it out for the stunt it clearly was. But they must have just been jealous, considering that no other American can claim the kind of access — however protected and propagandized — Rodman has. Now the U.S. government and Rodman are teaming up in advance of his proposed return visit to the isolated nation that is threatening nuclear war with just about everybody.

That’s right: Dennis Rodman is our last great hope to calm tensions in North Korea. Dennis Rodman, who demonstrated no clear understanding of the situation when he spoke to George Stephanopoulos after his first trip and said he “didn’t want” to be a diplomat. Dennis Rodman, who appeared on a Saturday Night Live intro to joke about his friendship with Kim Jong-Un less than two weeks ago. Dennis Rodman.

At the party, Rodman tried to explain his position on North Korea’s military capabilities.

“I’m not a total idiot –“

We’re just going to stop you right there.


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