Crashing Your Car At 209 MPH: This May Be The Most Amazing High-Speed Wipeout In History

  • Rick Chandler

Yours truly, late for work again.

Actually it’s Brian Gillespie of the Hasport Hondata Insight team, losing his shit at 209 mph and rolling into an incredible number of flips (13? 16? I lost count) as his Honda is pretty much destroyed. Amazingly, Gillespie was not — suffering a possible concussion, a collapsed lung, and that’s about it. Interior rollbars, you see, work pretty well.

So in case you’re not into cars (I’m not), the SCTA (Southern California Timing Association) is a thing in which crazy people drivers gather at huge salt flats in southern California and Utah to drive really fast, and competitively record the times. This was one of those competitions, on Nov. 10 in El Mirage.

As land speed records go, Gillespie’s run here was a leisurely trip to the market … in 2001, Don Vesco of the U.S. drove a Vesco Turbinator 470.444 mph to set the world land speed record. If he’d lost control of that ride, he probably would have ended up in Hill Valley in 1955.


Hi Rick,

I am the crew chief and sponsor for this car. You may be confusing the 209 MPH speed reported with the HASport Hondata insight with my wife’s 209 mph run the previous day in our Honda CRX.

Our datalogging puts the speed at around 185 mph at the moment of rotation.


Doug MacMillan.