We Might Have Our First Media-Spotted Hookup In The Olympic Village

  • Evan Sporer

Ryan Lochte may or may not beat Michael Phelps when it comes time get into the pool. But in the ever important “who can hook up first” race, Lochte may have just got a neck up in the competition. (And, started off a sex-fueled month of debauchery.)

The Brisbane Times reported Lochte and Australian female swimmer Blair Evans were spotted canoodling in the pool during swim practice. Other news reports described the behavior between the two as “flirty,” and said Lochte went as far as to cross over lanes to chat with the female swimmer. (The fact that more than one newspaper is reporting on this reveals how serious it is.) The two were then spotted leaving the building with each other. No word on where they went next. I’m sure Lochte asked her if she wanted to see how long he could hold his breath underwater, and the rest was history.


h/t Larry Brown Sports