LSU And Ole Miss Demonstrate How To Brutally Collide At Home Plate

  • Eric Goldschein

One of the more exciting moments of a baseball game — because even sports fans must admit that baseball is not the most heart-pumping activity out there 90 percent of the time — is a showdown at home plate between baserunner and catcher. Occasionally you get some nasty collisions which end poorly for the people involved (Buster Posey, anyone?).

And sometimes, you get nasty collisions where everything turns out okay. You even get to see an inside-the-park homer, another rarity.

Raph Rhymes (who’s got a great name, by the way) demonstrates:

Getting flipped on your head, scoring the run anyway, and walking away generally unharmed? Sounds like a pretty good at-bat for the young Mr. Rhymes. And since nobody was really “at fault” (the catcher couldn’t help his positioning, as noted in the video), it’s all smiles. Except for Ole Miss, who lost 7-1.

[Big Lead Sports]