Here’s A Pretty Nervy — And Unnerving — Video Of Magic Johnson Discussing His Pre-HIV Sex Life With Oprah

  • Eric Goldschein

magic johnson oprahIf you can’t laugh about these things, you’ll cry — that’s the tactic we believe Magic Johnson is taking in this interview with Oprah, in which he discusses his very promiscuous sex life in the years leading up to his HIV diagnosis.

While you have to appreciate the frankness and openness Johnson shows in detailing the ladies he took him (and then subsequently sent away), his dismissal of the girls who wanted to become “Mrs. Johnson” is pretty nervy. There’s quite a bit of scoffing, laughing and grinning here, particularly when Oprah brings up having sex with more than one lady at the same time.

Clearly Magic paid a price for his behavior, so scolding him for being proud of his lifestyle seems a little redundant. But take a look and tell us you don’t feel dirty after watching this:

[Jocks and Stiletto Jill, via LBS]