Why You Should Never Wear A Dress And Run Onto The Pitch At A Rugby Match

  • Sarah Devlin

Sure, you might think that running onto a rugby pitch in a purple dress and a blonde wig in an apparent homage to Goldilocks sounds hilarious. If you decide to go through with it, however, you run the risk of offending Olly Barkley, who is six feet tall, around two hundred pounds, and makes his living crashing into other similarly built men.

I think the most remarkable thing about this clip, besides Barkley’s total nonchalance after tackling Goldilocks (how he resisted high-fiving the other player who came to help restrain the pitch crasher is something I’ll never understand), is that the dude was able to walk off the pitch under his own power, rather than slipping into an actual Goldilocks-style coma and getting carried off by security.