This Guy Lost 14 Pounds Consuming Just Beer And Sausage And Thinks He’s Some Sort Of Genius, Even Though He’s A Moron

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Beer SausageYou’ve heard of the Twinkie Diet, right? Basically, some “overweight nutrition professor” ate nothing but a limited amount of Twinkies, and he lost weight. Of course, this did not make him a healthy man, but it got him lots of publicity and probably influenced a few idiots to do what he did. Cool.

Now some guy did the same thing, but with beer and sausage. Yes, it sounds badass to eat only beer and sausage for a month and lose 14 pounds, but those pieces of information mean absolutely nothing for your health, and by trying to sound smart in your interview all you’re doing is potentially causing idiots to follow your advice. So, stop it, dude.

Seriously, listen to this guy. He actually thinks he found the Fountain of Youth.

I do give the man some credit for willpower, though. There’s no way I could stop at six beers and two sausages per day. I’d be pushing 20 each, easy. Portion control while drunk is more elusive than Darren Sproles all lubed up in coconut oil (which would be a lovely addition to this foolish man’s diet).

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