Man Sinking Crazy Putt In His Office Reminds Us That We Are All Athletes In Our Own Little Way

  • Eric Goldschein

Ever watch pro sports on TV (or, if you can afford it, in real life) and think, “Man, I really wish I had kept playing sports/not started smoking pot in my basement/not joined Math Club/been less lazy in general — I might have been a pro athlete instead of the sad office drone I’ve become”?

Well, first of all, stop whining and live with the choices you’ve made. Second of all, you’re still an athlete, friend. You just have to be more creative with how you incorporate it into your everyday life.

Take this guy, for example. No idea what kind of job he has, but based on his pants and the plastic keycard-looking thing attached to his belt, it probably doesn’t involve putting. Yet he can (ostensibly) still find ways to do his work while getting the rush of sinking a big shot. Maybe he got fired that day, I don’t know.

Also, this is a pretty cool little putt:

Fun! See, that guy is a hero to the people in his office — and in that way, we can all be athletes. Just don’t quit your day job, buddy, whatever that may be.

[Bob’s Blitz]