Today In Derp: Man Thinks He Won Motorcycle Race, Is Totally Wrong

  • Eric Goldschein

No, this isn’t an example of a photo finish that ended in a tie. This is an example of somebody forgetting how many laps are in the race and celebrating early. And that’s how Riccardo Russo, who was leading the 2012 Italian CIV championship with one lap to go, ended up in 14th place.

This race, which took place at the Mugello Circuit near Florence, ended up coming down to the wire, affording us some breathless, excited commentary. Too bad Russo wasn’t able to take part of it, having miscalculated the number of laps and generally looking like a moron:

Sure, you can feel bad for the guy — he made an honest mistake. On the other hand, part of his job is to know how far he has to ride his motorcycle, and he failed at that. So pour out some of your drink for him tonight, and then laugh, because it’s funny.

[Off The Bench]