Man Who Punched Horse During Soccer Riot Apologizes To Horse, Says He Is Just Pawn In Game Of Life

  • Rick Chandler

You remember Barry Rogerson — he’s the 45-year-old Brit who was arrested after he punched a police horse during soccer unrest in Newcastle, following that team’ 3-0 loss to rival Sunderland. Of course Mongo did the same thing in Blazing Saddles, and got off by testifying that he was just pawn in game of life. For Rogerson, the consequences were a bit more severe:


♦ He was tackled by police, awarded a bloody mouth, and arrested. His court date is pending.

♦ He says he’s afraid to leave his house, fearing reprisals. (This shouldn’t be a difficulty, as he’s unemployed).

♦ He has apologized to the horse.

♦ Yes, you read that correctly. Rogerson, to the Daily Mirror:

“But I would like to apologise to the horse, to all the mounted section, to people of the North East.

“I am on medication and had been drinking, but that does not excuse what happened.”

♦ He says he actually loves animals, proven by all the fish he has in a backyard pond.

♦ His explanation for the punch sounds a lot like any typical spouse abuser:

“The fire cracker went off, and it charged at me. That’s when I panicked and threw a punch. It made contact with the horse, I tried to get him away from me with my left hand and then punched him with my right. It was sheer panic.”

♦  Honest officer, I was just trying to push her away from me. The horse must have it its head against the door.

♦ Rogerson’s wife uncorks tremendous quote:

“He normally never goes out anywhere without me. I let him out once by himself and look what happens.”

While Rogerson is being destroyed in the media, Bud the horse has receiving thousands of cards, letters and emails from well-wishers. The horse was not seriously hurt and will be back on duty on Thursday.

The video below seems to show a very different scene than the one Rogerson painted to the Daily Mirror. He looks like a guy hanging around outside a pub, waiting for the first horse that comes along so that he can punch it without warning.


Photo: North News & Pictures Ltd.