The Yankees And Manchester City Are Going To Own An MLS Team In New York, And It Will Have All Of The Money And All Of The Haters

  • Matt Rudnitsky

You probably don’t care about the MLS enough to hate a team, unless you are the Grinch. But now you should, adding New York FC to the list that includes the Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers, New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys and Notre Dame football, among other overrated, overfunded, oversupported franchises.


The Yankees and a Yankee-esque English Premier League team, Manchester City, are teaming up to own New York’s new MLS expansion team, the league’s 20th franchise. The deal cost $100 million, or Alex Rodriguez’s toenail fused with Carlos Tevez’s scar. According to ESPN, “the club expects to begin playing in 2015. ”

New York City FC expect to play in an interim home until a permanent stadium is built. The owners are committed to constructing a stadium and will take up negotiations with the city. Whether their focus now shifts from the 13-acre plot of the Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens remains to be seen. Ferran Soriano explained: “We are very aware of the Queens negotiation. This is not about finding a stadium. This is about finding a home that will be successful from a commercial, and soccer perspective as well as a community perspective.”

This club will have all of the pounds, all of the dollars, and all of the dirhams. The MLS’s current rules only allow three really expensive players to be signed, though, so New York FC won’t be as hated as you’d think, unless that rule changes.

Also: we notified you earlier that the recently-retired David Beckham may have an ownership role in a New York MLS team, so perhaps he’ll be brought on in a Jay-Z-esque role.

As an American (and a New Yorker), I think this is cool. But if you think this puts the MLS within 19 stratospheres of leagues like the Bundesliga, La Liga, the Premier League, or any other high-class soccer league, you are dumber than Ryan Lochte. I hope you’re not dumber than Ryan Lochte.


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