Manchester United Unveils New Away Kits, Chevy Logo Still Too Goddamn Big

  • Igor Mello

Manchester United made shockwaves when they dropped Nike and signed a 10-year, $1.3 billion deal with Adidas starting next season, the richest uniform deal in the history of sports. As if money could buy their fans kit-happiness, the team will trot out one of the uggliest-looking sponsors on their kit this season. The Red Devils signed a world-record seven-year, $559 million contract with Chevrolet, which will replace AON.

Man United is owned by Americans, so having an American company on your kit isn’t a big deal to me, it’s how big the 3D Chevy logo appears on the kit. Tone that down a bit. Either that, or remove the typeface. The home kits were unveiled a few months ago, and even released a Chevy commercial to promote the new threads. And on Tuesday, Nike unveiled the away uniforms for the Red Devils. Outside of the huge-ass logo, it looks pretty sharp.

Here are some photos released from the unveiling.

Also related, the Mirror released some images of what next season’s kits would look like, if they were based on the 2014 World Cup.