Manny Pacquiao Says He’ll Fight Floyd Mayweather For Charity And ‘The Love Of Boxing’

  • Eric Goldschein

manny pacquiaoThough actual punches have yet to be thrown, the war of words between Floyd Mayweather and Many Pacquiao is heating up. After Mayweather went off on Pacquiao earlier this month, calling him a “broke chump” and “desperate” for money, Pacquiao responded in an interview with Aquiles Z. Zonio, saying that he’d fight Mayweather for free and because it’s what boxing fans want.

Pacquiao also said he would acquiese to stringent drug testing, thus rendering all of Mayweather’s previous issues moot.


“I’m not desperate to fight him just for the sake of money or material things. I’m not the one seeking this fight; rather it’s the boxing fans all over the world,” Pacquiao told the Inquirer on the phone.

Pacquiao said he was willing to fight Mayweather anytime, anywhere—even without a single centavo as prize money…

“Above all, I challenge him to include in our fight contract that both of us will not receive anything out of this fight. We will donate all the proceeds from the fight—guaranteed prize, should there be any, gate receipts, pay-per-view and endorsements—to charities around the world.”

Pacquiao said Mayweather should agree to such a fight—if the American was not afraid to meet him…

“I have carved my own niche in the annals of boxing,” the Filipino champ said. “There’s no reason why I should be desperate to fight him. But since boxing fans worldwide are seeking and demanding a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight, I don’t want to disappoint them.”

Well then. Either this is the biggest bluff of Manny Pacquiao’s career and life — he certainly could use some cash to stave off the tax issues he’s having, and probably the only thing Mayweather cares about as much as winning is money — or he’s really the most selfless fighter in boxing. Either way, if this offer stands, it’ll be difficult for Mayweather to turn down this fight without looking like a coward, or at the very least a bullshitter.

To wit, here’s Pacman’s “final taunt”:

“Floyd, if you’re a real man, fight me. Let’s do it for the love of boxing and for the fans. Let’s do it not for the sake of money. Let’s make the boxing fans happy.”

Does this mean the rumored bout between the two is still on track for September? We think so. And if the proceeds from the fight really do go to charity, would that make this fight the most important in the history of humanity? The promoters will certainly spin it that way.

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