This Is The Most Excited Anyone Has Been About Manny Ramirez In Years

  • Eric Goldschein

Nearly a month ago, Manny Ramirez signed a short-term contract to play for the EDA Rhinos in Taiwan to little fanfare, because people gave up caring about what Manny Ramirez does a long time ago. But don’t tell that to the these Taiwanese announcers, who found a reason to scream “Manny Ramirez!” at the top of their lungs for the first time ever when Manny went Manny and hit a towering shot to dead center.

Ramirez called this $25,000 a month contract “a new beginning,” but he had yet to do anything of substance in the weeks since he signed. Finally, on a low-hanging breaking ball that looked to be an easy Ball 2, Ramirez changed things up and actually hit it out of the park, his first of the year. Take a look, though feel free to skip to about 1:13 unless you speak Mandarin:

Aw! How cute! They really like him! That’s probably the most adorable, excited home run call we’ve heard in awhile — and it’s definitely the happiest anyone has sounded while speaking Manny’s name publicly since he went to the Dodgers and still looked like a good baseball player. Good for Manny, though. Perhaps this is the start of something decent-to-not-bad for the guy.

[Big League Stew]

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