Tennis Player Mardy Fish Will Not Lack For Celebrity News During The Hurricane

  • Glenn Davis

If you’re on the East Coast, you’ve heard about this Hurricane Irene business, by virtue of it either already hitting your area, or causing forced evacuations and general worry before it hits. In anticipation of not being able to go anywhere due to potential flooding, many who expect the storm to hit them hard are stocking up on supplies. And tennis player Mardy Fish wouldn’t be in the midst of the best stretch of his career if he weren’t preparing meticulously. That readiness, it seems, translates to storms as well. Fish tweeted this picture earlier today, along with the message, “Bring it Irene!”:

Forget the granola bars, the rice cakes, the water, the sports drinks, the candles, the lighters with which to light those candles – Fish is ready to read up on celebs. Hey, he knows if the power goes out, he won’t have the internet for that. Like we said: all in the prep work.

[h/t Darren Rovell]