Not A Joke: Maria Sharapova Wants To Change Her Name To ‘Sugarpova’ For The U.S. Open

  • Eric Goldschein

Maria Sharapova must not be satisfied with being the richest female athlete in the world. In what can only be described as the lamest publicity stunt I’ve heard of in a long, long time, Sharapova wants to change her name to “Sugarpova” for the duration of the U.S. Open. It’s to draw awareness to a line of “premium candy” she just started. Then she would change her name back to Sharapova. Yes, this is serious.

From the Daily Mail:

According to The Times, Sharapova’s outfit for the tournament, held at Flushing Meadows from August 26 to September 9, will carry the logo of her company, a pair of red lips.

It is estimated that almost 2 million bags of the sweets were sold last year, topping up Sharapova’s yearly earnings to £15million.

The Russian may still need the permission of the grand slam committee but if that is granted, she could be introduced and addressed as Miss Sugarpova. Scores would also be read out in favour of her new moniker.

If there is any sanity left in this world, the grand slam committee will take this request under careful consideration and say, “Are you fucking kidding? You want us to actually call you Sugarpova? How about if we all just agree to buy a bag of this shit and you never, ever bring it up again?”

Photo via Getty