Marshall Henderson and Erin Andrews Are Not Playing Nice On Twitter

  • Ricky Boebel

Ole Miss guard Marshall Henderson was suspended on Wednesday for unknown reasons. Then CBS Sports revealed that Henderson’s suspension was due to a failed drug test. University of Florida alumna Erin Andrews threw in her two cents and all of the sudden we had a Twitter feud on our hands.


Andrews’ comment stems from Henderson’s mocking of the Gator Chomp in Florida’s home arena:

I think most of the public assumed Marshall Henderson was on something. The only question is how hard is that something he was allegedly on.

Chris Herren is a very comparable player to Henderson, on and off the court. If you’ve seen Herren’s ESPN documentary, Unguarded, you’ll know that his crystal meth addiction derailed a once promising basketball career. Now Herren tours the country speaking about his experiences with drugs. This afternoon Herren spoke with Henderson over the phone. Afterwards, he told USA Today:

“Ultimately, he needs to get down to the reason why a substance is more important than yourself, your family and your future,” said Herren. “Whether it’s basketball, football, baseball or any sport at a high level, the price to pay is a lot of pressure. That’s why he needs to incorporate some balance in his life and surround himself with people who have the same dream he does.”

Henderson then tweeted:

This story illustrates the good and the bad side of the the Internet. Most of the time it’s used for petty bickering, but every so often it connects people who actually need to communicate with each other.

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