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@fr—26: Jacoby Ellsbury…you can’t be serious!!

@allinkid: Hey, I warned you in last week’s piece that I traded for him and Jonathan Papelbon. Look out Paps

It’s not even a week old, and that trade saw another victim of the #ICCU. Ellsbury goes on a base-stealing bonanza and then misses three straight games due to his groin. Only on my teams… only on them.

@Kr—ld: Should Quintana ever be dropped in a 12-team mixed? Just picked him up off waivers and surprised to see him there

@allinkid: no. Not yet. Have him in same size league

Know that Jose Quintana is a fringe starter in a 12-team league, and that if owned, he should be used as a matchup play. The biggest issue with Quintana is his inability to go deep into games – only gone seven innings once. That’s due to a high pitch count with decent strikeouts but a bit too many walks. Overall, we’re looking at a Top 80 or so starter who will finish with a low-4.00 ERA and around 130-140 Ks. Fringe starter, but ownable in a 12-team league.

@gu—14: would u drop Brandon morrow for Wacha or Garza now that he’s hurt?

@allinkid: would have already dropped for Garza, yes – keeper league, might lean Wacha…more long term upside

Those of you who read me know that I am not a Brandon Morrow fan, never have been and even said I wouldn’t draft him in the preseason. Why? Morrow’s strikeout rates have dropped three straight years, as have his SwStr% and F-Strike% On top of that, his Z-Contact% (percent of pitches that hitters make contact with in the strike zone) has increased three straight years to an all-time high of 90.6. Basically, he’s not fooling anyone. I would have long dropped him for Matt Garza, and depending on league type (deep keeper), I could see taking Michael Wacha. Either way, Garza should be owned in all leagues, and by all means, both pitchers are much better choices than Morrow.

@dz—ns: My EE for Adrian Gonzalez? Worth doing in 5 OF, CI, MI league where I have 10 HR lead? Can Gonzo provide enough pop?

@allinkid: you’re losing Runs too…I wouldn’t do this trade

I’m not sure why this person would make this trade, lead in home runs or not. The only reason I would think someone would trade Edwin Encarnacion for Adrian Gonzalez is if he needed AVG help. However, the point I want to make here is that one player, even hitting 30-40 points better, isn’t going to swing your team’s AVG enough to make up for a 10-homer drop and/or (in this case) another 10 or so Runs. Boosting your team’s AVG is one of the more difficult tasks two months into the season. You need to grab 2-3 guys with a modest increase to affect your end numbers significantly. It’s at this point of the season where you can look for those upgrades, but don’t do so by sacrificing large chunks in other departments.

@La—ie: Who is Joc Pederson?

@allinkid: one of the Dodgers top outfield prospects, who plays CF better than Puig

I feel like this… is… Jeopardy! It was a bit shocking to see the Dodgers give Tony Gwynn Jr. another shot over Pederson, as he is the youngest player in the Southern League, yet still blazing with a .313/.396/.516 line. Yasiel Puig has a higher ceiling, is burning through Double-A too, but will likely struggle to stick in CF. In truth, you can say the same about Pederson staying in center, although, he has a better shot than Puig. Pederson brings a nice blend of power and speed with the ability for double-digit home runs and 30 stolen bases in a full major league season. He’s still extremely young (21 years old), and it’s all potential for now, and that is likely why the Dodgers are going to let him continue to develop.

@ba—96: missed on Wacha need a SP any thoughts on potential call ups or underrated SPs?

@allinkid: Wheeler should be stashed by now. Next, Kyle Gibson (assume Bauer owned)

My current Top Five stash prospects are Wil Myers, Zach Wheeler, Kyle Gibson, Billy Hamilton and Gerrit Cole. More on Wheeler next, and then lookie there, Puig after that (will also have reason why he’s not listed here).

Myers has woken up finally with five home runs in six games, plus a nine game hitting streak (still going). Myers is striking out too much (61 compared to 25 walks in 50 games).

Gibson did have his worst outing of the season with six earned runs in six innings, but still carries a 3.38 ERA and 1.13 WHIP with an 8.0 K/9 and just 2.6 BB/9. The problem with Gibson is that he’s so hot/cold. He’s held teams scoreless in four of his last seven starts but roughed up in the others.

We all know about Hamilton: speed, speed and more speed. But that’s it. If Hamilton gets the calls, he is an instant source of stolen bases, as he can rack up double-digit numbers monthly. However, there is no power or AVG help for your squad, so bid accordingly.

Cole is doing a good job in Triple-A, but he’s not striking out enough hitters (just a 6.5 K/9). That isn’t going to cut it at the major league level given his strength is fooling batters – had K/9 marks of 9.6, 9.3 and 9.2 prior to his Triple-A debut last year, where he struck out seven in six innings. Nevertheless, Cole still has top-end pitches in his arsenal, so if he gets back to his high-K ways, Cole could settle into the rotation for the Pirates sooner than later.

@dz—ms: 1 open spot stash Wheeler or Beachy?

@allinkid: Beachy. Wheeler still walking too many & don’t think he has Harvey impact till ’14

This is the difference between proven and potential. We know what Brandon Beachy can do. We speculate what Zach Wheeler will do, and if you read last week, you know I have my concerns about him in the majors. Wheeler still walks way too many batters (3.7 BB/9) even though he’s actually improved in that area. Beachy isn’t the 10.7 K/9 guy we saw in 2011, but he is someone who can carry an 8.0-9.0 K/9 with an ERA in the low-to-mid 3.00s. If choosing one, I’d rather take the one who has proven himself already than the prospect who has control issues.

@cp—21: Puig get the call soon?

@allinkid: sounds like could be tomorrow

Well, scratch that, seeing as how as I finished this piece, Puig got the call around 7:00 pm EST. I actually tweeted this for a good Twitter-level breakdown, “#Dodgers giving Yasiel Puig the call. Grab in all leagues, yes ALL. 5-cat talent, but don’t go crazy. Once Kemp back, sent down or limit ABs” Now, I say that because a lot of this had to do with Carl Crawford likely heading to the DL. If not for that, the Dodgers might have just stuck with Gwynn Jr. Puig is one of the higher-rated prospects out there, and you always want to take the gamble in case Kemp or Crawford has a setback and Puig stays on fire. However, don’t cut anyone of decent worth because the more likely outcome is that Puig is only here for a few weeks.

@h4—tr: Should have traded Kemp for Cespedes

@allinkid: Couldn’t have seen this coming & Kemp is more talented

Sure, Matt Kemp is/was only on pace for a 20/20 season, but we all know he still has 40/40 ability if everything was clicking. Yoenis Cespedes is a great option too, but he won’t help in the AVG department – a .250-.260 guy – and is more of a 25/10 option (maybe 15 SB) than anything. So, even at Kemp’s worst, he IS Cespedes with a better average. Sure, Kemp on the DL hurts, but if healthy, there is no way I would trade Kemp for Cespedes or anyone outside of the Top 20 for hitters.

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