Master Of The Twitterverse: Fantasy Baseball Advice

The NBA Playoffs are here! Wait, don’t worry, we still have at least five months until they’re over, right? The trade questions are starting to pile up, and we even have some TV and Daily Baseball talk to cover this week. Let’s get to your tweeties.

@vj—na: would u trade Heyward n Paul Konerko for Headley n Shields

@allinkid: only if in need of pitching or 3B help

I’m not the biggest James Shields fan to start. His 2011 season was the aberration in his career, and even those numbers were due to luck – BABIP of .258 (40 points under average). Shields is pitching a bit better than last year, but I still see someone with mid-to-high 3.00 ERA ability and yes, lots of Ks. However, I wouldn’t trade Jason Heyward for him straight up. I still see Heyward as a Top 25 hitter and Shields as a Top 25 pitcher, but hitters carry more value. The Paul KonerkoChase Headley part is a wash to me. What? I’m crazy. I don’t think so. I doubt Headley’s ability to hit 30-plus HR again, and Konerko doesn’t get respect for constantly hitting around .300 with 25-30 HR. Unless I’m dying at 3B or pitching, I stick with my duo… because you’re also losing a top bat with no clue of who steps in.

@gu—14: I’ve been offered Lance Lynn for C.J. Wilson what u think he also has Josh Johnson – also drop Kubel for Marte?

@allinkid: Would take Lynn. Wilson still seems off… and yes, yesterday

In the preseason, I had my concerns about Lance Lynn as well, given his weight loss and struggles in controlling his pitches with that new frame. However, the season started and Lynn looks, well, like Lynn. C.J. Wilson however, looks nothing like his old self with struggling control and a 4.00 ERA. Added to that, Wilson has actually been fortunate with a .264 BABIP – lowest of career – that points his Expected Fielding Independent Pitching (xFIP) north to 4.78. As for Josh Johnson, I ignored him because I highly doubt the owner would make that swap. With Starling Marte, what was this owner, or anyone, waiting for? Yes, the average is going to come down, but we are talking about a player who looks to be finally breaking out. Marte has double-digit power and 20-plus SB ability. Jason Kubel has no speed, does have the 20-plus power, but also a lower upside in the AVG department. Sounds like a thin league, and I’d look to deal Kubel, but between the two, give me Marte.

@4t—30: Lincecum cleared waivers in my league. No one wants him. Worth picking up? I’d drop AJ Griffin

@allinkid: I would not drop Griffin to get Lincecum

Has it really come to this? And, has it really come to that being my answer?

I just don’t trust Tim Lincecum anymore, even though his last outing was his best since September 18 of last season. Currently, Big Time Timmy Jim doesn’t even crack my Top 50 SP. I said in the preseason that Lincecum “needs to learn how to pitch more and rely on his ‘stuff’ less.” He just doesn’t overpower hitters anymore. Meanwhile, A.J. Griffin doesn’t have the strikeout potential of Lincecum, but he will bring a quality ERA – expect something around 3.00 – and a solid WHIP around 1.20. Can we say that about Lincecum? Now, if I were so deep that Griffin was rarely used and my seventh or eighth starter, I could see grabbing and stashing Lincecum in case he turns it around. But, if I need someone in my lineup now, I can’t risk it.

@Mo—07: Who has the better upside T. Plouffe or M. Carpenter?

@allinkid: Carp. Plouffe is power only & even then is only 20-25

Here is what Trevor Plouffe is going to give you: 20 HR ability… the end. Plouffe doesn’t and won’t hit for average or steal bases. In fact, Plouffe will hurt your average. Matt Carpenter meanwhile, doesn’t do anything great, but he won’t kill your average and has upside to hit double-digit HRs. Plus, he has multi-position eligibility (1B, 3B, OF, and hopefully, 2B at some point). Plouffe isn’t even playing every day right now due to his poor hitting, so between the two, give me Carp in a close one.

@so—24: Trent Richardson or LeSean McCoy in a ppr league that also counts points for carries

@allinkid: carries offsets the PPR upside of McCoy so I am going TRich today/this early

Continuing to prove the football season never ends. I actually have Trent Richardson ranked seventh and LeSean McCoy eighth in my offseason rankings. TRich averaged 17.8 carries per game in his rookie year with a game missed and injuries (plus, a terrible offense) limiting him. McCoy is averaging 14.4 carries per game over his career. Yes, I know Chip Kelly’s offense is a “track meet” according to McCoy, but that just means Bryce Brown gets more touches. McCoy can’t handle that much, no one can. Before you think the PPR factor changes it all, hold your horses. Even in Andy Reid’s RB-pass-happy offense, McCoy averaged 3.8 receptions per game, while Richardson average 3.4 last season. It’s still early, but I have said many times that Richardson has the talent to be in the discussion with Adrian Peterson and Arian Foster, so give me TRich.

@FantasyTrade411: just watched the following and it suuuucked. Why do I keep watching?

@allinkid: because it’s like that good-looking girl with rough personality who hope gets better

@FantasyTrade411: but she just keeps cheating on you with your friends…

One of my favorite industry friends is almost the level of TV junkie that I am. Put it this way, every TV “offseason,” I put together a spreadsheet with the shows I watch already, their premiere date and time, then add in all of the new shows I want to check out.

Yes, I have over 50 shows in my DVR managed list, but to be fair, about 1/3 are offseason (summer) shows. In any case, we both are still somehow watching the madness that is The Following. My point here is tweet me about TV shows too, I love the extra talk – and watch Supernatural! One of the best shows in TV.

@RS—85: @allinkid @danieledobish @greggsussman So much for Cano not being a great daily play

@greggsussman: said you can obviously take Cano any day of the week..numbers weren’t great tonight though

@allinkid: playing the odds…always a new day and new gamble tomw. Plus, rarely spend that much on any hitter

If you haven’t seen it, we have a terrific Daily Baseball section on the site. Along with my “best bets” and “rags,” Scott Engel, Daniel Dobish and Adam Zdroik all get into the mix. Gregg Sussman and I have a daily podcast (RotoRadio Daily Sports Edge) at 6pm EST, and in truth, daily baseball is a lot more fun that I thought it would be… especially, when you are bringing home the dough! As seen with the tweet though, it’s a tough game. Everything about the matchup said stay away from Robinson Cano. Then you factor in that Cano was the highest-priced 2B by far, and you have more than enough reason to find a different option. Yet, Cano goes deep in that game. Daily is much different from Rotisserie. In Rotisserie, you never, EEEEVVVVERRRR, bench your studs.

In Daily, you have to find values, or it is impossible to set a lineup. When a high-price superstar (like Cano) has a terrible matchup, you look elsewhere… but sometimes, those superstars come through. To be fair, all of us liked Dustin Pedroia that day, who had a rather nice game himself.

@sh—03: dump Uggla for Peralta or Altuve?

@allinkid: Altuve best of three

How is Jose Altuve even available?! Secondly, run to drop Dan Uggla for him. What does Uggla do really? Uh, see: Plouffe, Trevor. To be fair, Uggla has a bit more power, but then again, when he hit just .220 last year, it led to just 19 dingers. Altuve won’t kill – and I mean, downright murder – your average as Uggla will, and he can near 10 HRs with 30-SB ability. Seriously man, how is Altuve out there?

@allinkid: Chlg us! At least I’ll win best looks @jasoncollette @davidgonos @Chet_G @NicholasMinnix @enosarris @FantasyTrade411 ExpertChallenge

@enosarris: I win least happy for some reason

@Chet_G: I win biggest noggin

@EricMackFantasy: @DraftDay needs to post a poll on best looking, who finishes third to @heykayadams and @AnitaMarks?

@NicholasMinnix: My image is from like 5+ yrs. ago. I lose

This is some self-promotion, sure, but it’s also a great chance to take on the “experts.” If you head over to DraftDay, you can challenge fellow RotoExpert Dr. Roto, as well as 12 other experts in addition to us. I’m just praying that I’m not the first one bounces from the competition! Though, as I said, I still got my looks.

@PD—ts: like Detwiler tonight vs Miami? I figure they can’t score like that 2 games in a row – Cingrani callup?

@allinkid: I’d spot start both

I wanted to spotlight both of these pitchers – not because I made good calls, but because they are similar in their results… and issues. Let the hype over Tony Cingrani die already. When Johnny Cueto returns, Cingrani is headed back to the minors to develop his other pitches. Cingrani is a fastball machine with 81.4 percent thrown against Miami. He needs to turn his slider and change into plus-pitches before he’ll find long-term success in the majors. As for Ross Detwiler, he takes what Cingrani is and then doubles it. Detwiler threw 93.5 percent fastballs and not one changeup… not one! Detwiler doesn’t have the ability to strike out many hitters because they know what’s coming, a fastball! That is what keeps Detwiler on the fringe of being a back-end starter. The same will hold true for Cingrani until he masters those secondary pitches.

@XX: I stream pitchers, daily lineups

@XX: my outfielders are…

@XX: My other OF are… My other SP are…

@XX: I have VMart at catcher already…

@XX: I’d drop Josh Reddick…

I am ending with this collection of tweets (eliminating handles altogether) to show that I need more info people! Look, I love answering your questions and helping you win your leagues or daily matchups. However, I need all of the details from the get-go. League setup, who replaces players in a lopsided trade (or who is dropped), what your position depth is like, etc. I can’t know these things without you telling me, and without that information, you’d receive a less-than-accurate answer. I’m not the FBI or CIA, don’t worry, you don’t have to hide anything. So, give me those details, girlfriend… err, sorry, got caught up in it with snapping fingers and all.