Master Of The Twitterverse: How Good Is Chris Davis And Why Can’t Superman, Michael Cuddyer And Wil Myers Get Any Respect?

Hitting the Twitterverse this week, @allinkid talks about just how good Chris Davis is, the lack of respect for Michael Cuddyer, Superman and the ballyhooed Wil Myers.

@ja—08: thoughts on the superman movie? AJ Green/Ball good 2nd & 3rd round picks?

@allinkid: great movie, good options at 2nd and 3rd and thanks

Apparently, The King, Scott Engel, isn’t a fan of remakes. I told him how good Man of Steel was, and that it’s definitely worth seeing. Engel had no interest. You, however, should absolutely see it if you haven’t already. Great movie. Forget the naysayers. As for the draft picks, with Willis McGahee finally released by the Broncos, Montee Ball is my favorite rookie for 2013. Ronnie Hillman is still undersized for a workhorse RB role, and Ball has solid pass-catching skills. As long as John Fox doesn’t hate on him, as he does with most rookies, Ball has a great chance to provide high-end RB2 value. That means you have to think about drafting him in Round 3, or you won’t get him. As for the other part, I don’t like taking WRs early, but I can’t argue against A.J. Green in Round 2.

@th—in: Holliday or Chris Davis ros? H2h pts lg

@allinkid: Davis

How can it not be Chris Davis? It’s a scary thought, but Davis is the one player on pace for a 50-HR season. Many say Davis isn’t a 50-HR guy, however, he needs only 23 more in 86 games to hit 50 (his 27 have come in 76 games, 75 played). For comparison, Davis is averaging a home run per 2.78 games and would need to average just one per 3.74 games going forward – he gets an extra game per home run! So, unless you think he’s going to drop off a cliff, you can’t sell high on Davis unless you are filling multiple needs. As for comparisons to other players, I think it’s safe to say Davis is now a Top 10 hitter!

@ja—ts: I’m really second guessing myself. Cuddyer, Marte, or Puig in the utility spot?

@allinkid: Cuddyer

Okay, Yasiel Puig’s elite-level success has lasted longer than I expected, but he’s not going to hit .400-plus or slug over .700 all season. As I mentioned awhile back, he just swings at way too many pitches. Fantasy owners continue to give Michael Cuddyer less respect than deserved. Even with missed time, we’re talking about a player on pace for 20-plus HRs, 60-plus Runs, 80-plus RBI and double-digit SBs all while batting way over .300. What more do you guys want?! Starling Marte is a nice option if you need speed, as he is a legitimate threat to top 40 SBs, but the power is less than either Cuddyer or Puig, and the AVG isn’t as appealing. It’s time to give Cuddyer the props he deserves.

@ch—ne: Drop Pettite, Kennedy or Straily for Zambrano, Oswalt, Kulber or Lyles? 12TM 5×5

@allinkid: Pettitte for Kluber since doesnt K people

You’re certainly not dropping anyone for Dan Straily after his last few outings. The name here is Corey Kluber. He has been pitching better than most on this list – Ian Kennedy has turned the corner in his last two starts – and certainly better than Andy Pettitte with more strikeouts to boot. I’m not touching Carlos Zambrano or Roy Oswalt, as it’s not 2004, and Jordan Lyles, while good, will struggle to win in Houston. Kluber has the most upside of anyone on the list, and I’d make the swap of Pettitte for him immediately – before someone else grabs him.

@allinkid: Nope just Porcello. Told never trust! RT @dakid1982: @allinkid You cursed Rick Porcello  Damn you. Its the AllinCurse!

@ja—08: I had a bad feeling about Porcello today went with him anyway. Drop him for Lyles or stay put?

@da—82: after all Porcello is no Allinkid! Thanks for all the great fantasy advice and articles

I warned everyone last week not to trust Rick Porcello. Seriously, look back. Every year, Porcello fools us (well, not me anymore) into thinking he’s putting it all together. And every year, he burns owners.

@ch—42: 2 start Kyle Lohse next week or Cole Hamels at SD? H2H. Thanks Jake. Other 4 starters are Kershaw, MadBum, Felix, Ryu

@allinkid: Lohse definitely

I say “definitely” because in a head-to-head league, you always want to go with the two-start pitcher – as long as he is a Top 60-70 option and has decent matchups. In this case, Cole Hamels against San Diego is tempting, but Kyle Lohse faces the Cubs and Brewers. Those are two great matchups, and they certainly make Lohse the better play. Any time you have a two-start pitcher, you have to increase their value by 50 percent or more for comparison.

@hy—te: is Wil Myers a must start from here on out?

@allinkid: in most leagues, very likely, yes

Wil Myers might not blow us away to start, but unless you are rather deep at outfield, he’s likely starting in most leagues. Don’t forget, Mike Trout only hit .220 and slugged .390 in his first 40 games. In his next 40, he hit .354 with a .565 SLG%. Be patient, and possibly bench him, if you can, in the tough matchups. Yet, when you have a pedigree as Myers does, you will hit at the major league level and give owners plenty of value. There is little doubt that Myers will be a must-start sooner than later.

@r8—m8: should I start Jose Reyes as soon as he’s back?

@allinkid: absolutely

Jose Reyes is playing full games in Triple-A, and he’s even stealing bases. The best part? Reyes is claiming that he comes out of games “just fine.” Unlike pitchers, hitters should find a spot in your lineup immediately… when they are of Reyes’ ilk or close to it. What is the worst that can happen with a hitter? He goes 0-for-4 or 0-for-5. You know how little damage that does to your team in one day? However, if you miss out on a homer or stolen base (or two), you just lost some important counting stats. With a pitcher, the worst can really kill your team: three or four innings and six, seven, maybe eight runs. We need to see a pitcher’s performance off the DL before trusting him again due to the potential damage, but a quality hitter should be out there every time.