How To Become The Coolest Kid In Your Town: Do This

  • Glenn Davis

The kid taking center stage in the video you’re about to see according to SportsCenter’s Twitter feed, is Matt Demember. The action takes place at a church league in Maryland. Matt had the ball in his hands, and apparently not much time to do anything with it. So he tried something… unique. And the result landed him the starring role in the latest installment in SportsGrid’s occasionally-recurring series, “How To Become The Coolest Kid In Your School/Town“:

Even that kid on the other team had to congratulate him. Also, what do you say if you’re the coach at, say, the next practice/game? Do you have to go the buzzkill route and be like, “I know it was fun when Matt hit that shot, but you can’t count on that happening all the time”? You probably do, which is unfortunate, since the behind-the-back three is probably all you can think about either. Also, Demember’s going to be so cool after this shot that he may actually get his own cheering section at future games. And if he does, we suggest this name: The Dememberists. Cheering Matt on to his rivals since 2013!