McIlroy Denied Club Membership By United Airlines

  • David Young

Rory McIlroy

How good is it to be Rory McIlroy? You’re 25 years old and have already won two of the four PGA majors. Two Olympic teams are fighting over you. You were engaged to a hot Danish professional tennis player until you called it off because you didn’t like the wedding invitations (a font issue, I presume).

Apparently you can live without the fiancée, but not your golf clubs. United Airlines (the Trailways of the Air*) flew McIlroy from New Jersey to Ireland, but forgot to send his baG of clubs with him:

Not cool, United. However, this is not the first time an athlete or artist has had trouble transporting the tools of their trade by air. “Time for Three,” a string trio, had to miss a flight because US Airways wouldn’t take their violins.

Not Time for Three to fly

But McIlroy has more influential friends than the violinists and received the following tweet:

Norman was making reference to McIlroy’s decision to shun the GB Olympic team and play for Ireland in the 2016 Brazil games. McIlroy did not take Norman up on his offer, but that wasn’t necessarily because United was instilling confidence in him that they were on top of things:

Yeesh. But having said that, you have to like using social media to get this taken care of rather than being put on hold on the phone for hours, listening to Air Supply. Note the 19 minute difference between the two United tweets.

And yes, the clubs made it back to Rory McIlroy and everyone lived happily ever after.

Suffice to say, if it were you or me in this situation, United would not have made it “JH’s” full time job to find our clubs, and we would have been told by an intern something to the effect of “Your inquiry is important to us and will be dealt with as soon as an agent is available.” Or never.

But hey, next time, Rory, consider bringing these instead (these are awesome!):

*I sincerely apologize to Trailways for associating them with United Airlines.

Photo Courtesy @BBCSport