Meanwhile, Non-Free Agent Stars Are Destroying Basketball Common Folk

  • Joe Polito

If you aren’t a free agent or on the trading block, the NBA offseason isn’t really about you. That’s why stars like Paul George and Step Curry took to the hardwood to get people’s attention. Just last week Curry was spotted dropping a modest 43 on peasants at the San Francisco Pro-Am.

Curry hit nine threes and showed off sound fundamentals such as breaking four guys’ ankles before hitting an impossible step-back. He even threw down some dunks (gasp!).

Then Sunday, Paul George said “hey now, don’t forget about me” by putting up 33 in a Los Angeles pro-am. He showed off his patented 360-windmill, though Vince Carter might want some royalties.

Nick Young was also there apparently, but he’s still looking for a team to pay him to do basketball things.

It’s not just the stars. Sixers’ sixth man Tony Wroten dropped 53 in a Seattle pro-am, and also made defenders look silly while doing so.

So here’s to a great offseason tradition of NBA beasts showing off for all the YouTube glory. Hopefully we’ll get to see Jabari Parker score 67 on some Wisconsinites next summer.

Image via Twitter