Meet The World’s First One-Legged Fan On The Field

  • Joe Levine

It’s Saturday night. You’re watching the first half of the Corinthians-Coritiba soccer match, as you are wont to do.

Suddenly, there is a stoppage in play. There’s a fan on the field. But there’s something different about this one…

Oh, that’s what’s different. This fan on the field only has one leg.

I have so many questions. Like how did he get on the field unnoticed in the first place? There is barely anyone at the game in the first place, is security really so bad that a one-legged man could get onto the field unnoticed?

Also, why is the second security guard that shows up being so rough? I get that the guy isn’t supposed to be on the field, but come one. He only has one leg. Show him a little TLC, dude. You already screwed up once by letting him get down there in the first place, let’s not make things worse by brutalizing a handicapped person, especially since he’s already given up and the first guard has things under control.

Imagine, if these guards were as vigilant about getting live grenades off the field as they were about ejecting the handicapped, then maybe European soccer matches wouldn’t have the reputation of being loosely-policed anarchy.

[Holdout Sports]