Metta World Peace Has No Chill, Gets Into It During Venice Beach Basketball Game

  • Eric Goldschein

metta world peaceJust last week, rumors began to swirl that the New York Knicks (otherwise known nowadays as Lakers East) and Metta World Peace have mutual interest, and that World Peace could get a training camp invite. World Peace played 29 games for his hometown team last season before getting bought-out.

With another NBA stint in mind, it looks like World Peace is staying in fighting shape — by fighting a couple of random dudes at a Venice Basketball League game. If you’re wondering why you’re not familiar with the VBL, that’s because it’s an amateur basketball league that takes place a few feet from head shops and doesn’t have free throws.

No free throws? That was music to World Peace’s ears. Watch:

Jeez, guy. You’re acting like you have a history of sudden and random violence. If the dudes who just walked off the sand are getting in your head, you might want to consider your other possible gig: “the assistant coach for the Palisades High girls basketball team in Los Angeles.

We found this video via r/nba, along with this description from the original user on what got Metta so mad:

Metta came out strong and hit a couple of 3’s, but his team must’ve been the lowest ranked team in this league. They completely sucked and every possession that didn’t involve Metta would end in a turnover or brick. By halftime, Metta’s team was down by 12. You could clearly see the frustration raging. From the middle of the 3rd quarter on, Metta was throwing body checks, bulldozing his way to the paint, and getting into a wrestling match on every inbounds play.
That same guy was on a fast break with only Metta World Pain (that was the nickname the guy next to me gave him) back to defend. What happened next was vintage. It looked like he basically ran into a brick wall and got the wind out of him. Took a breather for 2 minutes.