This Michael Jordan Vs. Charlie (And Martin) Sheen Basketball TV Show From The ’80s May Actually Be The Greatest Thing On The Internet, And We Aren’t Exaggerating

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Grantland’s Rembert Browne has rediscovered what seriously may be the greatest video clip on the internet. I hate that hyperbole, but what is better than this? Do you have video of Tiger Woods berating his many lovers? Of Derek Jeter assembling a post-coital gift basket? Of Alex Rodriguez injecting steroids up his butt and crying? You have none of these clips.

The headline made me cream my pants in an almost-literal manner.

Internet Unearths Late-’80s Footage of Martin and Charlie Sheen Beating Michael Jordan in Basketball, Again Justifies Its Existence

I don’t want to put too much here, because Rembert’s GIFtastic post is long and worth your time. Read it here. It was also posted by Will Leitch, at Deadspin, five years ago. But, like many of you, I have never seen this. And I had to see this, and you have to see this.

Here is the wondrous, 15-minute clip. I assure you that nobody on Earth, including Obama or Michael Jordan or Tom Brady lying naked next to Gisele, has anything better to do than watch this clip.

Internet, send thank you cards/tweets to @rembert and @williamfleitch. True American heros.