Michael Phelps Had An Unfortunate Crowd Surfing Accident At A Vegas Night Club (Video)

  • Dylan Murphy

TMZ comes at us with this gem of a line:

“Finally, Michael Phelps broke something that wasn’t a world record — HIS ASS.”

That would be in reference to some recent crowd surfing partaken in by Michael Phelps, who apparently didn’t have your run-of-the-mill crowd surfing experience at the XS nightclub in Vegas. Normal crowd surfers jump into a crowd of skyward hands, assuming fellow good citizens will prevent a painful introduction to the ground. Phelps, conservative crowd surfer that he is, gingerly hopped into a inflatable boat (what?) with a lucky female instead. But after settling in and throwing his hands up in the air, the crowd forgot to hold up the back end of the boat.

And that’s what makes this video particularly amusing: Wait, where did Michael Phelps go?.

And no, he wasn’t hurt.


Photo via Getty