Mike Francesa Civil War Parody Video Is Out And It’s Extremely Funny

  • Jake O'Donnell

They’ve even gone and redone the show’s theme song to sound like a 19th century fife and drum battlefield song. The impersonator (@BizzaroZaun) who we believe to be Shawn Farash, is spot on not only with the voice and cadence and general manner of speaking, but it’s the sayings. “Waituhsecond,” “Howduyouknowdat,” and “We’renotgunnatawkaboutdattuday” are all classic Francesa lines, used in the same context Francesa would use them.

Other WFAN tropes include Artie Lange fans, arguing with callers, not knowing who people are (like Harriet Tubman), A-Rod, half-assed play-by-play, and talking about Robert E. Lee like he’s Bill Parcells. We want more of these.

Here’s the last Parody video they made (1776). Hopefully, the next one involves spilling his diet coke.