Minor League Baseball Team To Have Dollar Weiner Night In Honor Of The Anthony Weiner Sexting Scandal

  • Zach Berger

The Double-A Richmond Flying Squirrels, a minor league affiliate of the San Francisco Giants, are poking some fun at New York City mayoral candidate Carlos Danger Anthony Weiner. On Thursday night, the team will sell hot dogs weiners for a dollar apiece in honor of the politician’s sexting scandal, which involved his… weiner.

Todd Parnell, the team’s Chief Operation Officer, said that the promotional game is “meant to be a fun, tongue-in-cheek night.” I’m not sure that selling discounted hotdogs as a reference to Anthony Weiner sending girls pictures of his penis really fits the definition of “tongue-in-cheek,” Todd.

But the festivities, which are being referred to as “Salute to Scandal Night,” don’t stop there. The Flying Squirrels will also have a “Brett Favre football throw” and a “Tiger Woods closest to the pin challenge.”

This is supposed to allude to both of those players being involved in sex scandals of their own. But Todd Parnell and his team of genius promoters could have put a little more thought into the events, since, you know, they have nothing to do with the actual scandals.

For example, the Tiger Woods promotion could’ve been a “chase the Tiger Woods lookalike across the baseball field and try to hit him with a golf club challenge.” The Brett Favre promotion could’ve been a “who can leave the creepiest voicemail for Jenn Sterger challenge.”

Simple stuff. Get your act together, Richmond Flying Squirrels.


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