Minor Leaguer Quintin Berry Has Awesome Reaction To Getting Ejected (VIDEO)

  • SportsGrid Staff

Quintin Berry is currently hitting .310 with 12 steals for the Norfolk Tides (the AAA affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles). Thursday night, after getting his first hit in four at-bats, Berry was ejected — at first base — by umpire Tom Honec. Instead of turning to the dugout and letting pinch runner Cord Phelps take over, Berry decided to run the bases, culminating with a feet-first slide into home, burying the plate in dirt.

While it might seem odd at first, if you look closely at the end of his slide, Berry swipes his hand behind him to try and get more dirt onto the plate. Where one person may see just another goofy minor league ejection, another will see a cold and calculated plan to make Honec do some extra work brushing dirt off the plate.

The ejection caused such an odd reaction that even the cameraman and announcer didn’t realize what was happening until Berry (who didn’t comment after the game) was rounding third.

Watch video of the incident below, courtesy of the Post-Standard: